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EF1G1509-BeebeEF1G1537-24 BeebeEF1G1604-300 59-Evan Bates moves to stop Justin BurlisonEF1G1611-BeebeEF1G1612-BeebeEF1G1624-SR 2x all state RB Tripp Smith attempts to break from tackle while O-line defendsEF1G1637-Sr. 2x-all state FB Tripp Smith with Coach Shannon.  Smith ran for 1603 yards  and 23 TDs in 2014 and is poised to break the all time rushing record at Beebe high schoolEF1G1649-BeebeEF1G1669-BeebeEF1G1676-BeebeEF1G1677-BeebeEF1G1691-BeebeEF1G1694-BeebeEF1G1696-BeebeEF1G1709-BeebeEF1G1725-BeebeEF1G1730-BeebeEF1G1748-BeebeEF1G1750-BeebeEF1G1756-Beebe