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EF1G2311-Sr. RB Edgar Torres finishes running a route during practiceEF1G2351-Sr. RB Edgar Torres is a work horse for the PanthersEF1G2358-HeberEF1G2443-Coach Jay Bishop showing playsEF1G2466-ball stripping drillEF1G2500-Sr. quick tackle Billy Bodran is a vocal leader for the PanthersEF1G2489-Billy Bodron & Coach HammonsEF1G2529-tackle drillsEF1G2545-Jacob BrimmenEF1G2553-Sterling Castleberry and Caleb IanclosEF1G2586 - Thomas TweedenEF1G2591-Heber Jr. Pierce Mitchum returns as WR  and lines up at Wildcat QB in some setsEF1G2606-Heber Springs RB Kyle BrantleyEF1G2607-Heber RB Kyle BrantleyEF1G2607-Kyle BrantleyEF1G2638-Caleb IanclosEF1G2639-Caleb IanclosEF1G2648-Dylan Platt & Coach BishopEF1G2661-Heber Head Coach Darren GowanEF1G2672-Heber Head Coach Darren Gowan hands off to -