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EF1G9815-300, Jake looks for running roomEF1G9582-300 Devin Reed finds running room past CCA Jr. Lyndon CobbleEF1G9229-300, QB Jake Cantey had 8 rushes for 74 yards. CCA was instrumental in stopping the running game with 10 in the box defenseEF1G9445-300,  Jake pass to Ky, Sam Hicks defendingEF1G9581-Reed headed for redzoneEF1G9630-300 Rambler RB Bridge Bianiakewitz gets wrapped up by Bennett Pascoe and Rob HogueEF1G9784-300 Devin Reed rolls around right sideEF1G9298-300, CCA SO RB Luke Gates evades tackle by Rambler SO SS Kody GrahamEF1G9246-300 Devin Reed breaks open for TD on 3rd play of opening drive for the RamblersEF1G9516-300, Dakota Faircloth finds running room, CCA Trey Starkey moves in for tackleEF1G9603-Rambler defenders Bradley Chalk and Clint Gardner try to stop Sr. Brendan Camp from getting in the endzoneEF1G9762-CCA QB Jakob Henry completed 16 of 20 passes for 419 yards and 6 TDs for CCA vs. RBEF1G9850-Rambler defenders Juan Chavez and Clint Gardner try to stop Luke Gates from scoringEF1G9856-CCA SO Running Back Luke Gates heads for the redzoneEF1G9191-Captains Carter Bramlett (55), Will Callaway (80), Devin Reed and Kaleb Herring convene mid field for coin tossEF1G9389-Rambler Jr. OLB Juan Chavez wraps up Eagles Jr. WR Seth SmithEF1G9494-CCA SR RB Clayton Dent on the carry