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EF1G9939-300 Bradley Chalk gets the winEF1G9902-300 Graham gets home on sac fly for the solo run scoredEF1G9900-300 Jake takes it deep for sac fly, scoring GrahamEF1G9894-300 Jake sac fly to LFEF1G9725-300,  Chalk vs. McCroryEF1G9725-300 Chalk cropEF1G9717-300 Chalk, McCroryEF1G9709-300, Ky tag out on throw from JakeEF1G7034-300 Jake tags out runnerEF1G6968-300 Hambrick, 2RBI single-game 2EF1G6856-300 Jordan Wray winning pitcher, game 2EF1G6843-300 TJ rounds thirdEF1G6709-Jake .511 batting averageEF1G6686-300 Bradley ChalkEF1G6508-300, Dakota-RBIEF1G1030-300 Dakota Faircloth RBI single in first inning at Des ArcEF1G0449-Sr. Dakota Faircloth hits RBIEF1G0052-300 Ky Graham singles