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EF1G3316-300 JakeEF1G3638-300, KyEF1G3490-300 DevinEF1G3451-300, Arnold, MariannaEF1G3629-Arnold, Marianna - goodEF1G3630-300, Arnold - Marianna-goodEF1G3628-Arnold, MariannaEF1G3361-Arnold, MariannaEF1G3631-300, Arnold - Marianna -goodEF1G3634-Rose Bud Juan Chavez reaches for JaMarcus Arnold, RB MariannaEF1G3632-300, Juan Chavez - Rose Bud and JaMarcus Arnold, MariannaEF1G3635-300. Juan Chavez, Rose Bud attempts to slow down JaMarcus Arnold, Marianna